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How cute is this hairstyle?

It's one of my favorite hairstyles (for girls and women alike) is an airdried double bun. 

It is so cute, elegant, and fun.  Something your little girl will love.  Strangers approach me
all the time and ask how I did it.  I have a step-by-step video (posted below) on how to do this easy hairstyle.


       Favorite Deep Conditioner   

Moms (and dads)! 

Your Girl's Hair is Fragile and Can Easily Tangle Little Black Girl's Hairdo

Mornings are tough enough having to wake up the kids, make breakfast, getting the kids ready and off to school.  It's probably even especially harder if you are a parent of non-African descent to take care of and creating hairstyles for little girls with African or biracial head's full of beautifully thick--but fragile and easily tangled--hair.

Don't Get Frustrated
Parents. PLEASE do not just cut her hair because you are frustrated
with dealing with it.  Believe it or not, the sooner you start experimenting
with hair with products, styles, treatments, etc.... the sooner you can master her hair type
and what her hair needs. Not to mention it will help her tremendously when she becomes independent enough to want to do her own hair.

I've been asked this question before:  "My little girl's hair is so think with very tight kinks and it is so hard to comb.  I feel like it's a battle. I want to cut it in a short style."

While I have nothing against short hair personally (there are many cute and short cuts) just make sure it is something your little girl will be comfortable with and something she also wants.

cute black girl hairstyles

Your Child's Hair is SO Versatile

African and Non-African parents alike will both easily agree that the less manipulation, heat, and still creating a cute and smoothing look for your child's strands can be challenging but once it is mastered, your child can experience a plethora of versatile hairstyles.  First ask yourself this question:  

Having Problems?  Ask These Questions

"Is my child's hair healthy"? Or is it dry, damaged, brittle, or breaking?  If her hair could be healthier or longer in length, take this free moisture/protein hair assessment quiz to get an idea of what you should do to turn her hair around.  The proper foundation of "cute and manageable hair" is healthy hair, which should be the most important step in taking care of your daughter's hair. Are the products you are using for her hair leaving it soft, healthy, and manageable? 

  easy for black girl hairstyles easy for mixed girl hairstyles:
Tip 1) When Tying Up Your Daughter's Hair.....

Use hair ties that have been soaked in oil.

    +   Oil  =
Less Breakage

This helps prevent breakage and tangling of the hair. I recommend natural essential hair oils. Avoid products with mineral oil or petroleum which w
ill block the cuticle and scalp from breathing.   

Here are my favorites:


 Coconut Oil

Avocado Oil

Wheatgerm Oil

's Hairdo
Tip 2  Use a Sulfate Free Shampoo

Especially if you are going to shampoo more than once a week.  This type of shampoo helps to keep moisture in the hair strands and keep her hair hydrated which will reduce frizz, dryness, and porosity. My favorite of all time is Keracare Sulfate Free Shampoo

Tip 3 Invest in High Quality Conditioners

She is not too young to start conditioning treatments on her hair.  Especially natural deep conditioners.  A good quality deep conditioner will help moisturize, detangle, and keep her strands healthy.  I recommend a high quality conditioner. Once you use it, I guarantee you will see a difference immediately and never look back. I highly recommend something all natural, which is more beneficial to the hair.

Here are my favorites: 


Deep Conditioner

Deep Conditioner

Tip 4 Satin Pillow Cases

To save time, energy, and effort... it is important to make sure that before your precious girl goes to sleep that you secure her hair in sections with braids or twists. A great tip and what will help save time in the morning (especially a school morning) is that you simply undo the hair (REMEMBER ONE SECTION AT A TIME), comb it, add an essential oil and re-fasten it.

Investing in a high quality satin pillow case is a must!!!!


How Cute is this
Silk Pillow Case?

Satin pillow cases
will ensure her hair does not get matted during her sleep. Satin will keep her hair moisturized, prevent breakage, static, and frizz.  You'll also notice her hair will remain softer for longer periods of time. 

Tip 5 Section Hair Before Combing 

This will help during the manipulation process tremendously. 



Tip 6 Comb Hair From The Ends

Not the scalp... and comb the hair gently.  It might appear rough and able to endure ANYTHING but that is farther from the truth.  African hair actually very delicate, so treat it as such. 

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