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How To Prevent Breakage Around Your Hairline

The two most important areas on your hair that people will notice are:

#1) The ends of your hair
#2) The hair framing your face (aka your hairline)

The difference between the two is that if your ends are damaged, you can cut or trim them.  However, if your hairline is damaged, there it is not easily camouflaged or eliminated.  The hair that is close to your forehead is obviously visible and besides wearing a hat, people will notice how damaged your hair is.

So now that I've totally bummed you out, it's time to build you back up again.  There is hope, there are solutions.  So let's talk about them, shall we?

Before we get into breakage at the hairline, you must remember that breakage is breakage.  Whether at the hair line or at the ends of your hair.  The bottom line is that it will be the same approach, you must take care of your hair from root to tip at all times.

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So.... let's get back to how to stop hair breakage at your hairline.  It is apparent that if you are only seeing damage at your hairline that you are accidently and probably unaware that you are adding too much stress and manipulation to the folicles there.  So here are some very quick and easy fixes to get your hairline back on track.

Throw Away Your Cotton Pillow Case
Cotton may appear soft, but even your luxurious 1000 thread count pillow case is still harmful to your hair. Why? Because your cotton pillow case is adding to your hair matting, which can ultimately result in hair breakage.  Cotton absorbs moisture from the hair and when you toss and turn while getting your beauty rest, the damage and friction is usually targeted on the face and hairline area which cause tangling and breakage as the fabric pulls on the hair.

SOLUTION: Invest in a high quality silk or satin pillow case.  Both of these fabrics are delicate and soft, which will maintain your hair's moisture and minimize hair matting, which will help prevent hair breakage and keep your hair healthy.  Oh, and as add extremely extra added bonus, did you know that using a silk or satin pillow case also prevents skin wrinkles and facial aging.  YES!! So now there is NO reason to own a cotton pillowcase.  Throw it out immediately.   Check out this 100% Mulberry Silk Pillow Case for hair and facial beauty.



Keep Your Hair Loose

I would prefer for you to wear your hair in a loose style (un-tied) but if you cannot do that, try to use Ouchless Hair Bands, which eliminates and prevents your hair from latching on to unwanted sections for your hair band because there are no grooves for your hair snag onto. No more breakage.  Also, remember not to pull hair too tight.  Tight hairstyles (pony tails, braids, cornrows, etc) put a lot of stress on your hair around your scalp.  Have you read my article about Traction Alopecia? If not, please read it.

Stay Consistent With Your Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments (when used regularly) can 100% absolutely prevent breakage around the scalp and elsewhere.  Remember to really concentrate on the ends and scalp.  Pay special attention to the hairline and make sure your strands are soaked with oil (from oil to tip), while you are applying your treatment. 

Try to find a spout to have the ability to liberally apply to the scalp and hairline like my

It is very important to use natural oils. These are the actual 4 brands and type of oils that I use.  If you are starting this journey, I recommended trying wheat germ oil first.  It is my all time favorite out of all 4 oils, even though I do use all of them.

Want a great tip?  You can even add fragrance oils (specifically made for hair and skin) to make these oils smell AMAZING.  Who wouldn't want to personalize their own personal oil treatment?  Here are some of my favorites (YUM):

Vanilla Scented Hair Oil
Apple Scented Hair Oil
Coconut Cream Scented Hair Oil
Tropical Passion Fruit Scented Hair Oil
Mango Madness Scented Hair Oil
Pomegranate Scented Hair Oil
Red Currant Thyme Tea Hair Oil

Use a Boar Bristle Brush

If you brush your hair, it is VERY important to use a high quality boar bristle brush in order to prevent breakage of the hairline.

Infact, boar bristle brushes are perfect for African American hair because this brush benefits thick and dense hair.  Boar bristle brushes help stimulate the scalp due to the hard bristles, which will increase blood flow and stimulation of the scalp which will spread and distribute the natural oils of the scalp through the hair and down the hair shaft. 



Avoid Products With Alcohol

So basically avoid all products with gel (unless Aloe Vera Gel) and hairspray.  If you have little broken strands or fly-aways from your breakage that you are trying to get under control, just remember that gels and hairspray are not beneficial to aiding with growth and growth retention. 

Instead, substitute these products with a good old fashioned conditioner and a little water and then slick down your hair with a boar bristle brush accordingly.  Doing this will basically help you with two things at once.

#1) Deep conditioning your frontal breakage; and

#2) Smoothing your hair back into your desired style in a healthy way.  


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If you want a successful Healthy Hair Makeover, you will need patience.  It takes learning, action, and then a good 3 - 5 months to really start seeing the fruits of your labor (aka progress).

Be patient, find topics that you love exploring, ask questions of member's whose progress you admire and time will go by before you know it.   

Happy Hair Growing!!



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